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Our Values

Vibrancy: we live in a vibrant community with wonderful people, cultures, and experiences that attract others from all over. We embrace our students' contagious state of living to share and celebrate everything that unites us and all that sets us apart. 

Authenticity: our work at LIFT includes authentic communication and representation. This means sharing in the highs and lows and allowing students to be a part of the process. 

Diversity & Inclusivity: the acceptance and love of all students is central to our mission as a teen center. LIFT is committed to embracing diversity in staff, programming, and decision-making for programs without biases of gender, race, age, sexuality, or socioeconomic status.

Collaboration: we recognize that true social change necessitates intentional collaboration. We make it a priority to partner with local churches, community members, non-profit agencies, local businesses, and government systems for the good of all teens in Leelanau County. 

Innovative: we prioritize creative solutions to complex needs in our community and its school districts. 

Transparency: LIFT values being honest, open, and transparent in all things. This accommodates accessibility to important information such as financial records and meeting minutes. 

Accessibility: LIFT prioritizes accessibility as a crucial way to develop a community that is inclusive of all students. We intentionally create spaces and programs that are accessible to all students who choose to come together and learn about one another. 

Consistency & Reliability: teens can rely on LIFT to always be a welcoming place where they feel heard, loved, and seen. 

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