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6 Ways to Spring Into Action and Volunteer

April showers have brought out the May flowers and Spring has finally sprung. It’s the perfect season to spend time volunteering or taking part in community activities.

Your community needs you!

Here are six ways to spring yourself into action this season and help out your community.

1. Come and hang out with LIFT Have you been looking for a place to volunteer? Look no further! Leelanau Investing for Teens is a youth nonprofit based out of Northern Michigan that empowers Leelanau County’s younger generations. We are always welcoming new volunteers to join us as we hang out with today’s youth- and make some fantastic memories while doing so. If you’re not from Northern Michigan, have no fear! Research nonprofits in your area and you’re sure to find one where your skills and personality are needed.

2. Start a community garden, plant a tree, or plant a flower

Take part in transforming the place you live into a haven of beauty! Whether you’re planting a tree, a garden, or a flower, the Earth could use some more green. Visit your local nursery and check with them to see what’s in season and plant away! Who knows, maybe something you grow will cause a passerby to ‘take the time to stop and smell the roses.

3. Volunteer at the local humane society

Who doesn’t want to help walk some new furry friends? Check with your local animal shelter to see if they need someone to socialize their animals, exercise the dogs, or clean out the cat litter boxes. You might even make a new feline friend or meet a lovable new puppy buddy.

4. Clean up littered trash

Newspapers, receipts, and wrappers are easily blown away in the wind, and they cause damage to the wildlife and surrounding environment. Take a garbage bag and some gloves to your local park, beach, or neighborhood, collect the trash, and dispose of it properly. You could be saving a turtle from getting caught in soda can rings or saving a bird from ingesting too much plastic. Plus, don’t you love the spring sunshine?

5. Volunteer with local shop owners to lend a hand to their spring cleaning

As businesses get ready for spring, they often need help with general cleanup of the inside of their business and getting their landscaping prepared for the summer season. Local businesses rely on the heart and soul of the community to keep them afloat, and volunteering with them can be equally rewarding for you as it is beneficial for them. You might even find your new favorite local coffee or knick-knack shop.

6. Help out your neighbors with yard work

Help prepare the community for spring and summer by raking your elderly neighbor's yard or mowing someone's lawn. Imagine the look on their faces when they get home and see their beautiful yard cleaned up and ready to play cornhole- that's as Northern Michigan as it gets! Grab a glass of lemonade and cookies while you're at it, and you'll have yourself a lovely spring evening.

Whether you're looking for a new program to help out with or want to clean up your local beach, there are always things that can be done around your community. If you need some reasons to volunteer check out our blog post, 9 Reasons to Volunteer with LIFT Teen Center.

To learn about volunteer opportunities at LIFT and the Friendship Community Center, email us at!


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