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9 Things to Donate to a Nonprofit Without Breaking Your Budget

It's the season of giving and there is a way to give to a local nonprofit this year without breaking your budget. It is possible to improve your community and help out those in need without pulling an Ed McMahon and writing a big check.

Often a simple act of kindness can start a ripple effect, and there doesn't always need to be coins involved.

Here are ten things to donate to a nonprofit while being money-conscious.

1. Your Time

Most nonprofits thrive because of the wonderful volunteers who show up every day to help staff their programs and events and keep things running behind the scenes.

There is always a lot to do at a nonprofit, so we welcome it when someone walks through the door ready to help out in any way they can.

Donating your time could mean helping out during their big event of the year or coming to the programs they hold throughout the week. Who knows? You might make some new friends along the way or discover a passion you never knew existed. To read our blog post about why you should volunteer with LIFT, click here.

To find more information about volunteering with us, click here.

2. Printer Ink

Hey, this may not be at the top of your list, but it sure is at the top of ours! Nonprofit organizations are forever printing out sign-up sheets, forms, events invitations, and so much more! You know what they say, "You desperately need printer ink the moment you realize you're out!" At least, that's what we always say.

3. Canned Goods

There always seems to be a can drive with nonprofit organizations. Whether they are using the cans for arts and crafts, donating them to a local shelter, or using them to make a meal for their teens, you can never have too many canned goods. So twice a year, go through your pantry, grab a few cans that you don't think you'll ever use, and drop them off at your local nonprofit. Our address is 201 W Broadway, Suttons Bay, MI 49682.

4. Hand Soap

After the last year and a half of a pandemic, this one is a no-brainer. If we have learned anything, it's that you can never have too much hand soap. We want to keep everything as clean and safe as possible for our members and the community. Next time you're in the store restocking your soap supplies, grab us a lavender-scented one if they have it!

5. Scissors & Tape

This goes along with printer ink. You never know you're out of something until you desperately need it.

6. Warm Weather Gear

If you grew up in the Midwest, then you know the importance of having warm weather gear on hand. If you grew up somewhere warm- you're lucky! When the temperatures drop below 0 degrees, and our teens

need a hat and gloves for their walk home from school or an outdoor event, it's essential to have some on hand. So before the winter season, go through your winter items, and any items you don't wear you can drop off at your local nonprofit.

7. "Round-Up"

This one is a budget-conscious choice. For just two weeks, forgo the Starbucks coffee or matcha latte a few times a week and round up that price at the end to give to your local nonprofit. Every dollar goes a long way. It costs only $2.70 a day per LIFT teen for all activities, transportation, and food. That's less than the price of a cup of coffee!

8. Fidget Games

We're not sure about you, but the teenagers we see every day are obsessed with fidget games. Whether it be fidget spinners or little magnet games, these toys can be beneficial when a young individual is in a stressful situation or has anxiety. They're also an excellent distraction for adults who need a break from sitting on a computer all day.

9. Trash Bags

We feel as though every person can identify with this one. You can never have too many trash bags. So next time you panic-grab some for your kitchen, grab some for our kitchen as well.

Donating to your community is essential, but so is sticking to your budget. We understand that.

To make it even easier, you can give to LIFT every time you shop on Amazon! Without even a second thought! Just go to and choose your nonprofit as The Friendship Community Center in Suttons Bay, MI.

Afterward, make sure you go to and when you make a purchase of anything, a small portion will be donated to LIFT.

Next time you want to give back to those around you, read this list for inspiration. To donate to the LIFT Youth Center, click here, and if you're going to drop something off, our address is 201 W Broadway, Suttons Bay, MI 49682.


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