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How Far Does Your Donation Go?

Nonprofits like LIFT operate fully from donations, sponsorships, and grant funding. Every gift you and others in our community make to LIFT is an investment in our area's youth. Your contributions provide for all of the programs and opportunities that make LIFT such a powerful place for teens.

Without you, we wouldn't be here.

And it is important for us that you know how much of a difference your donation makes.

So, where does a donation to LIFT go?

1. Events

LIFT's events speak for themselves in terms of popularity. Whether it's a trivia night, a snow tubing trip, or Restaurant Night, your donation provides funding for these events. Not only do these events excite and benefit the teens, but the local businesses we partner with to host them, as well.

2. Food

Each day, teens burst through the doors of The Friendship Community Center and head for the snack table. Donations you make to LIFT purchase the Goldfish, veggies, and granola bars that teens need to be on top of their game for whatever activity is planned for that day.

3. Programs

Was there an after-school program that you enjoyed as a teen? One that you have kept close to your heart? That's our goal when we put together programs for LIFT teens. Your contributions go towards keeping these programs in full swing and having a positive impact by empowering the young adults of today. We want to inspire today's youth to reach their full potential, and with your donation, this is possible.

4. Supplies

Crafts, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, beach toys, water balloons - each of these items make LIFT programming possible. We wouldn't be able to hold the car wash or watch the teens take part in an epic water balloon battle without your donation. Who knows, perhaps we'll discover the next Michelangelo with a few of the art supplies you've helped purchase.

5. Our Amazing Staff

We are incredibly blessed to have some amazing volunteers working with LIFT to help us with events and day-to-day activities, but there are people behind the scenes who work together to keep us operating at 110%. Part of the donations that are made to LIFT go towards paychecks for the people who turn dreams into reality.

Are you prepared to change a life?

Click here to donate and become a part of LIFT!


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