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So, THIS is Christmas...

Before Holiday Break, the Teens and Volunteers celebrated LIFTmas at the Center. Every year, we devour pounds of sugar, wear wacky Christmas clothing and play games. Last year, the LIFT Teens were blessed with a showering of gifts from a group of Munson employees and donors. It was exciting and fun to see their reactions to receiving such abundant treasures.

This year, LIFT was gifted a huge box of beautiful handmade jewelry and porcelain figurines to paint. As most ideas come to fruition, in the middle of the night, I cool to have the teens paint the figurines and pick out several pieces of jewelry to gift to others. Honestly, I wasn't entirely sure that it would be a hit...but definitely worth a try!

As with years past, sugar was inhaled and games were played. Then we announced that the teens were each able to pick out 3-5 pieces of jewelry and 2 figurines to gift to special people on their list. No sooner did the words exit my mouth and the teens were bounding toward the table.

"Oh, I think my mom would like this!"

"I can't believe I get to actually give my grandma a gift this year!"

"I can paint this AND put her necklace in this!"

They sat painting and preparing their gifts, writing receiving names and "with love from" on their packages.

A male student came up to me to show me his treasures, "I got this one for my mom, this for my brother, this for my aunt, and this for my grandma. I have never been able to afford to give gifts, this will be my first year!" Age 14

Truly, it was moving to see the gratitude and joy in GIVING.

May gratitude and joy be yours too this Christmas-as YOU have GIVEN these special teens the gift of spreading love and light, this year and years to come!


Bekah TenBrink


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